Assignment of Mortgage Payments System (AMPS)

phill grove Assignment of Mortgage Payments System

What is the Assignment of Mortgage Payments System (AMPS) that has been created by Phill Grove?

The Assignment of Mortgage Payments System (AMPS) has been created to match a real estate buying and selling strategy that works well in this current real estate market.

The goal of Phill Grove and the Assignment of Mortgage Payments System (AMPS) is to sell ‘unsellable’ houses to ‘unloanable’ people without discounting the median prices of houses.

An ‘unsellable’ house is a house where the seller’s mortgage is higher than the market value.  If this distressed homeowners wants to sell his or her house, they will have to come out of pocket to do so.  Since many of these distressed homeowners are suffering financially and looking to move to reduce expenses, they’re not able to come out of pocket to pay the difference between sales price and what is owed.  Eventually, these homeowners just stop paying their mortgages and their homes go into foreclosure.

This continuous process causes median home prices to fall, creating more underwater mortgages, and leading to more foreclosures.  These distressed home owners are looking for someone to provide an answer other than foreclosure, and Phill Grove, with his Assignment of Mortgage Payments System (AMPS) has that answer.

Assignment of Mortgage Payments SystemFollow the red arrows to the yellow brick road & my marketing gold!

What do students of Phill Grove and his Assignment of Mortgage Payments System (AMPS) have to say?

An ‘unloanable’ buyer is a buyer who does not qualify for a loan in today’s market, which numbers around 85 million people.  The number one factor holding back the housing market is the stringent lending policies of the banks.  In a recent survey of Century 21 Realtors, 9 out of 10 stated that credit score and related financial qualification requirements were the biggest obstacles holding back the housing market.  If we could eliminate the banks involvement in real estate transactions, then real estate investors could sell more of these ‘unsellable’ houses to more of these ‘unloanable’ buyers at market price.  This is where the assignment of mortgage payments system comes in!

Assignment of Mortgage Payments System

With his Assignment of Mortgage Payments System (AMPS), Phill Grove is prepared to provide real estate investors the following:

  • Information on how to find motivated sellers and buyers
  • Scripts detailing what to say to them / how to negotiate
  • Step by step training modules with over 30 hours of online video training
  • Access to Phill Grove’s nationwide legal network
  • Access to Phill Grove’s nationwide database of AMPS buyers and sellers
  • Seller Magnet with Auto-responders that automatically captures & builds rapport with sellers
  • The Property Syndicator – ALL of your deals syndicated to 40 websites automatically
  • And much, much more about the Assignment of Mortgage Payments System

Following the proven blueprint of Phill Grove will allow you to close on multiple, profitable real estate transactions!

Assignment of Mortgage Payment Systems | George Ross on Phill Grove

George Ross, Donald Trump’s right hand man and one of the stars of NBC’s The Apprentice recently visited my students in Austin, Texas, and offered the following advice on the real estate market:

Assignment of Mortgage Payments System
George Ross with Phill Grove

“This real estate market provides a unique opportunity.  When things are down, those who can see and think outside the box make a fortune.  Most people say ‘it’s not the right time to invest’, so I’ll just wait.  When you wait, you lose.  Timing is everything.  In 2002, the real estate market began to take off.  Very few wanted to invest because they wanted to wait and see what the market did.  Many millionaires were created during the next 5 years.  By the time the general public felt like it was good to invest, it was 2007 and the market had peaked.  Many people lost their money.  Don’t have a ‘wait and see’ approach.  If you’re waiting to see who has success, then you’re too late.”

“I’ve seen multiple real estate booms and busts, and the one truth is this: real estate will always appreciate in value.  The key is to be able to hold onto it during the tough times.  Also, you must adjust your strategies.  There are times when you want to buy and flip, buy and hold, etc…, but the key is to align the right strategy with the right economic conditions.  We are in the opportunity of a lifetime for real estate investors.  It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you have the knowledge, strength, and courage to persevere, then you will be successful.”

Watch George Ross’s Video now!

Assignment of Mortgage Payments System | Just who is Phill Grove, the REI Maverick?

How did Phill Grove get his real estate empire started?  Why did he create the Assignment of Mortgage Payments System?  Who is Phill Grove?

Phill Grove is also the Founder and President of Love American Homes, Hippie Hollow Homes, LP of Austin, Texas as well as the creator of the Assignment of Mortgage Payments System (AMPS). If you would like to read more about the REI Maverick, Phill Grove, the click here.

Assignment of Mortgage Payments System

See what other students of Phill Grove and his Assignment of Mortgage Payments System have to say?

Phill Grove has also personally trained and coached thousands of Real Estate Investors on the “12 Ways to Buy and Sell Real Estate” and his Assignment of Mortgage Payments System, as well as marketing and lead processing strategies that work, and business planning strategies needed to build a successful real estate company. Phill Grove teaches how to zig when others zag, and believes the biggest opportunities for wealth exist for those that solve the biggest problems during the biggest times of need, and has never seen a bigger opportunity than now to grow rich while helping others by using the Assignment of Mortgage Payments System.

I spent 16 months testing my Assignment of Mortgage Payments System (AMPS) in Texas.  This program is proven, it works, and it can be duplicated.  With the Assignment of Mortgage Payments System (AMPS), I am giving you all the training, tools, and guidance needed to have success in today’s real estate climate.” – Phill Grove.

Title: About Phill Grove and the Assignment of Mortgage Payments System

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  1. Do you have a payment plan for your AMPS Program? I am at the very end of closing out my mothers estate and disbursement should take place ,hopefully, in a week or so, you know how lawyers can be!

    I would hate to miss out , I have such great enthusiasm to get started with this program , I think about it many times a day.

    I had to do a bankruptcy last January due to the lack of work in the construction field nation wide,but I was able to hold on to my house and I am just getting back on my feet, after retiring. I am not singing the blues! I actually feel that I was quite fortunate to be able to retire, and stay in my home. I came out a lot better than a lot of people have. I feel sad for them!

    Maybe this program is the way that I can help the next family that falls into this most unfortunate situation.

  2. Where would I go to find out ,if the state of Indiana would allow this type of arrangement? Indiana is one of the most conservative states in the country, and I am worried that this my not be permissible. Would the law firm that you retained, for your student questions ,be able to help me get answers to my question? I find the AMPS program quite interesting, and would like very much to become a part of the program, if it will work legally in my back yard. Please respond!

  3. Tom, this is a great question. This all depends on how you structure the deal. Some of the down payment will be applied however, there are some closing costs. You can collect your fee in lots of different ways. You can have it show up as a closing expense such as an assignment fee. You can also raise the balance of the purchase price and count part of the down payment towards this loan. This will help down the road when the buyer refinances the loan. I would strongly suggest that you use Torok Law to help close these deals. He can help you structure everything so its a WIN-WIN for all parties.

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