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Free Video Training Series


This brand new video series shows you the Investment Strategy that I use to Make Money with “worthless leads that have no equity… Basically How to Sell Un-Sellable Houses to Un-Loanable Buyers.”


And here’s the best part – There are more Deals and Buyers available than anyone can handle…

And that’s just the first video. In the videos, you’ll also learn:

  • The Best neighborhoods to target for motivated sellers.
  • The Nationwide Legal Network of over 200 attorneys (in all 50 states plus Canada) that will close your Assignment of Mortgage Payments deals!
  • The tool I use when I meet Motivated sellers that closes the deal for you AND you get to download it for Free!
  • What mail out I use that produces 3X the results of normal “We Buy Houses” mail outs AND you get to download it to use as your own.
  • What a couple of real life “Motivated Sellers” with an Un-Sellable House had to say about their experience selling their house on a Mortgage Assignment.
  • And Much More…See The Video Details Below

Step-By-Step Overview of the AMPS Strategy

Download Your Short Sales vs. AMPS PDF


Download Your AMPS Legal Review PDF



Best Neighborhoods To Target For Motivated Sellers

AMPS Guide For Homeowners


Super AMPS Postcard



How To Locate Buyers In Your Own Backyard

Download Your Craiglist Ad PDF Here


Download Your Reverse Bandit Sign PDF Here


Q&A With Phill Grove

AMPS CheckboxPhill will answer the most commonly asked AMPS Questions!


AMPS CheckboxWe now have a Nationwide Legal Network of over 200+ Attorney (in ALL 50 states plus Canada) who will close all your AMPS deals!


The Step-by-Step Plan To AMPS Success!

AMPS CheckboxTap into our 8,000+ BUYER pool


AMPS Checkbox Access to our 50 state contracts and legal network

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