What is REI Matcher?

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If you want to be in real estate today, you are required to have the tools of the trade.  These tools include websites for buyers, websites for sellers, auto responders, and a social media presence in order to assist you with the finding and communication of potential real estate investment customers.

So what is the REI Matcher and how does it fit in with the Assignment of Mortgage Payments System?

What is REI Matcher?

As the assignment of mortgage payments strategy is about having a system to perform these real estate transactions, so is the REI Matcher about having a system for you to attract and communicate with potential buyers.   How would you like to attend a real estate presentation with a potential customer who is already educated on what you the assignment of mortgage payments system is because they’ve been to your site, read your keyword optimized material, and have received your emails explaining what the strategy is about? How much easier would this type of marketing system make your real estate investing business?

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  1. Phill Grove says:

    Hi Kimberly- call my office at 512-853-9522 and we can assist you.

  2. kimberley pouncy says:

    Hi. I have already purchased “The Wealthy Finder” information. I have missed the seminars sent by email because I work in the evenings.
    As I was finishing the book, ch. 12 talks about the REI Matcher where I cannot locate on the emails received.
    I am excited about the chance to begin, but cannot locate my link to activate my account through the emails that have been sent.
    Can you help?
    Kim Pouncy

  3. Kathy Totten says:

    I am under the impression that REI Matcher is a source for cash investors buying wholesale real estate. I know that AMPs is also part of that. I am interested in strictly wholesaling to cash buying investors. Am I correct in that? Thanks for your time. Kathy

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