Assignment of Mortgage Note

Assignment of Mortgage Note
Assignment of Mortgage Note

Can Investors Make Money With An Assignment of Mortgage Note?

In a simple answer yes, you can make money from an assignment of mortgage note by following my assignment of mortgage payments systems! I do it all the time.  And the best part is, we are in the greatest time ever for investors to profit using an assignment of mortgage note, as detailed by my assignment of mortgage payments system.  And here is why:

The Perfect Storm For The Assignment of Mortgage Note:

  1. Over the last year we have seen foreclosures hit an all-time high in the U.S.  This means there are a ton of sellers out there willing to do whatever it takes to keep from getting foreclosed on as well.
  2. Nearly 22.5% of homeowners have negative equity in their home.  This means they would have to PAY to sell their homes.
  3. Banks have greatly tightened lending guidelines. This means that there are tons of would be buyers out there that don’t qualify for traditional mortgages.
What does the assignment of mortgage note have to do with these facts.  There are a ton of sellers with little or no equity in their homes, facing foreclosure or needing to sell; there are tons of buyers that want to buy homes but the bank will not lend them money.  By following my assignment of mortgage payments system, you will be able to sell these ‘unsellable’ homes to ‘unloanable’ buyers and make profits.

How does the investor fit in with the assignment of mortgage note?
By using specialized knowledge to place this group of motivated sellers with this group of motivated buyers an investor can make $5,000 to $10,000 or more on each transaction that they put together.  The best part is…. this type of transaction does not require any special license and no money or credit from you, the investor.

How does an assignment of mortgage note work?
Many times called a mortgage assignment or mortgage assumption, an assignment of mortgage note will be an agreement between a buyer and a seller for the buyer to purchase a home while the seller’s existing financing stays in place.  The mortgage note is literally assigned to the new buyer who accepts the responsibility of paying on that note in the future, in exchange for getting the deed to the property.

If you would like to learn how to invest using assignment of mortgage notes please check out my program: Mortgage Assignment Profit System.

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