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Phill Grove Live Webinar This Thursday

Real estate State of the Union with Phill Grove
Real estate webinar with Phill Grove

Since I became a full time real estate investor in 2004, I’ve brought in over $3,000,000 in profits from over 1,200 deals.  And I own $10,000,000 worth of real estate of which $5,000,000 is free and clear.

I’m holding a LIVE training this Thursday evening that shows you exactly what I did and you can register for it here.

No charge.  🙂

It’ll be LIVE and will not be recorded.  This Thursday, 1/24, from 7-10pm.

Disclaimer: Results are NOT typical.  These are my individual results.

I just want to walk you through how my approach works.  I do not guarantee any results and you should consider this training for educational purposes only.

Now, out of respect for your time…

Here’s who this is FOR and who this is NOT FOR:

This is FOR:

  • New & experienced real estate investors.
  • People who may be interested in using real estate investing to reach your financial goals.

This is NOT FOR:

  • The Biz-Opp (get rich quick) crowd.
  • People not willing to learn new things.
  • People not willing to put in the effort to get results.

Live Webinar Topics

Here’s what this free LIVE training will do for you:

1. You’ll discover my unique five-step system to become the “Big Dog” in your local market …even if you’re new to real estate investing.   (This is what I did for my business when I was just a beginner. )

2. You’ll discover how to finally earn what you’re worth … while working less than ever before.

3.  You’ll discover a unique formula for attracting deals that allows you to cherry pick the best ones and sell off the ones you don’t want.

4. You’ll discover why it’s often more profitable to do the exact polar opposite of what everyone else is doing, especially in Real Estate Investing.

5. You’ll discover why the best thing you could do is set aside all the self-imposed distractions, business planning and other busy work  immediately …and why it’s usually much more likely you’ll do a deal by focusing on
just one thing which I’ll reveal on this LIVE training.

Actually, there’s lots more in this training and it’s 100% free.

It will also be LIVE, and will not be recorded.

I’ll see you on the LIVE training,


P.S. Remember, this training will be live and will not be recorded.

Here’s where you can register.

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