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Real Estate Blueprint by Phill Grove (Video)

real estate blueprint
What is Phill Grove’s Real Estate Blueprint?

If you are a beginning real estate investor seeking to learn how to get started in this industry, then following Phill Groves’ real estate blueprint is a smart strategy to take.

In this official preview below, Phill Grove takes you ‘inside the vault‘ of his All In One Done for You real estate program to discuss his strategy and education overview.

Specifically, Phill Grove discusses the importance of real estate education, coaching, and understanding multiple strategies.

He also details the difference between transactional thinking and transformational thinking, and why it’s so important for new Entrepreneurs to understand this.

Real Estate Blueprint | Who is Phill Grove?

Phill Grove has been called one of the top post-bubble real estate investors.  He owns two successful real estate business in Austin, Texas.  Since 2004, Phill Grove has successfully participated in more than 1,200 real estate transactions worth a total of more than $200,000,000! During this period, he has had to change his main strategy 3 times to adjust and adapt to the real estate market conditions.

Phill is also the creator of the Assignment of Mortgage Payments System, that has taught thousands of real estate investors how to buy ‘unsellable’ houses and sell them to ‘unloanable’ buyers at market price.

Being a student of the market, understanding its trends, and understanding the multiple types of strategies that can be used to buy and sell houses is paramount to having a long term successful real estate business.

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