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Real Estate Trainers: Phill and Shenoah Grove

Real Estate Trainers
Real Estate Trainers Phill and Shenoah Grove

Its important to realize that a good real estate investor/agent is the product of good real estate trainers.  Having a mentor or an advisor that you can trust is infinitely more valuable than books, lectures, or other literature.  Well we want to introduce you to two top real estate trainers, Phill and Shenoah Grove, a powerhouse couple that has been involved in more than 1,200 short sale transactions.  While the housing market may seem bleak and dismal to the untrained eye, Phill and Shenoah Grove have seen an abundance of success using non-traditional methods for buying, selling, and investing in homes.  These real estate trainers want to share that knowledge with you, so lets take a look at their careers and success.

Real Estate Trainers | Background

While Shenoah’s family has been involved in the real estate field for the past 50 years, Phill Grove jumped into the corporate world with a degree in Electrical Engineering and spent the next 16 years working as an electrical engineer, field applications engineer, sales person, sales manager, national sales manager, marketing executive, and ultimately, as a Director and Vice President of Marketing for a Fortune 500 company and several start-up companies.  As real estate trainers, you really can’t ask for a better combination.  Shenoah grew up around the real estate business and Phill understands the sales, marketing, and numbers behind the process.  These are two highly intelligent real estate trainers!

Real Estate Trainers | Real Estate Careers

Both Phill and Shenoah started in the real estate business back in 2004, not as real estate trainers, but doing quite a few short sales.  By quite a few I mean that they had their hands in over 1,200 short sale transactions since this time.  You’re probably thinking to yourself, how is possible to be involved in this many short sale transactions?  Well Phill used his electrical engineering analytical experience to develop a system dedicated to processing short sales.  Also with his corporate world marketing experience, Phill used marketing techniques to stretch his name far and wide.  These real estate trainers really want to help you learn these skills so that you can put some extra (hopefully thousands) dollars in your pockets.

Real Estate Trainers | For The Love of Teaching

In fact, this love and passion for real estate differentiates Phill and Shenoah Grove as real estate trainers from other real estate trainers.  They don’t just do it for the money, they do it for the love of the industry.  This love and passion for real estate allows them to not only have a successful business, but also to teach others how to invest in real estate the right way as well.  Phill Grove is a Board Member for the Real Estate Investing Club of Austin (REICAustin) and they are both owners of the Real Estate Networking Club of Austin (Austin RENC), the largest real estate investment groups in Central Texas.

Phill Grove is also the creator of the first nationwide post-bubble real estate investing strategy known as the Assignment of Mortgage Payments System, which allows investors to sell ‘unsellable’ houses to ‘unloanable’ buyers without reducing housing prices or wasting tax payer’s money.  His teachings and systems have educated thousands of real estate investors across the country on the right way of performing real estate in this economy.

Real Estate Trainers | Deals and Experience

So just why are Phill and Shenoah Grove considered real estate trainers?  Let’s here from Phill Grove himself:

If you feel like you could use the help of these veteran real estate trainers then be sure to contact them right away.  Also if you have questions for these real estate trainers, please leave them in the comments below.

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